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Javelin Aurora - Overview

Javelin OdysseyThe Aurora Wing Suit Container is the culmination of a two-year project that was specifically focused on providing Competition and Recreational wing suit pilots a purpose-built container with the emphasis placed on main deployment characteristics during forward flight.

The entire harness container system was designed with comfort in mind while improving aerodynamics.

The Javelin Aurora is designed for Wingsuit use only, and is not intended for BASE jumping.

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Neoprene Collar is an Aerodynamic Advantage Eliminating Airflow Under the Container

Neoprene Collar

Oversized BOC Pocket Allows Precise Positioning of Deployment Handle

Articulated Harness

Adjustable Lateral

Allows the Jumper to Accurately Position the Container in Response to Different Wing Suit Designs


Magnetic Riser Covers

The Magnetic Riser Covers Were Designed to Stay Closed During Flight, and Open Evenly During Low-Speed Deployments.

Magnetic Riser Covers

Drop Away Main Container Design Does Not Impede Main Bag Extraction During Deployment


Tapered 2-Stow Deployment Bag



Wing Suit Specific Pilot Chute & Handle

Distinct Style