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Sun Path Products Inc. supports sponsored athletes around the world and they participate in all types of sport parachuting. Some of them are well known teams who train, coach and compete globally while others are little known individuals who foster new jumpers as they progress from students to license holders. Whatever area of skydiving you consider your passion, there may be a place for you as one of our sponsored athletes.

Sponsorship is more than just a free or discounted rig, however. In fact, most people would be surprised how many of our sponsored folks pay something towards their rigs. Regardless of our level of support, all of our sponsored athletes have one thing in common, they love their Sun Path harness container systems and most were jumping them even before they were offered our support.

Before sending us your proposal ask yourself these four questions:

  • Am I willing to report back to Sun Path every three months, even if I have not been jumping much and tell them what is going on in my skydiving life?
  • Am I going to take the time to send photos as requested, helping Sun Path maintain a great website and quality marketing material?
  • Do I REALLY want to be a part of this team and help make Sun Path’s equipment better through product reviews and feedback?
  • Am I willing to help my local dealer by showing my gear to potential buyers and when safe and practical allowing them to jump my gear?

If you can answer yes to these four questions then we may have a place for you in our family of sponsored athletes. Please put together a written proposal that includes the following information. Make sure you provide contact information for each applicant and your references!

  • Name, age, home DZ, jump numbers, time in the sport, current gear, and current sponsorships.
  • Skydiving experience including ratings, records, medals, and demonstration jumps.
  • Skydiving goals. Team applications should include the personal goals for each member AND team goals. Goals should be near and long term.
  • Occupation and hobbies outside of skydiving.
  • Explain what you have to offer Sun Path and why you should be part of our team.
  • Name(s) of people who have influenced you in skydiving and people we can speak to about your personality and value as a sponsored athlete. Please include at least 2 names with accurate contact information.
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Thank you for your interest however Sun Path is not accepting sponsorship proposals at this time